We strive to achieve efficiency and transparency in recruiting international professionals for our partners.

That’s why we work with software that digitizes and automates the recruitment, recognition, and integration of international professionals for the healthcare and industry sectors. Employers utilize our digital platform for assessing and selecting appropriate professionals, as well as for secure document and data exchange. International professionals have a central hub for their data and documents

« Our technology partner is requesting a cutting-edge SaaS application (‘Software-asa-Service’) that has been specifically developed to meet the needs of personnel service agencies, employers, and international professionals, in order to ensure the highest level of transparency and efficiency for all stakeholders in the recruitment, recognition, and integration process

The software digitizes and simplifies the following services for us and our partners

Profile maintenance

Easy maintenance of master data, education, work experience, and preferences of international professionals.

Document management

Central storage and secure exchange of documents and data.


Analysis across all professionals, projects, and processes in clear dashboards – The software enables comprehensive control of your activities for recruiting international professionals.

Presentation of professionals

User-friendly presentation of international professionals through clear profile cards and evaluation matrices.

Automated processes

Pre-designed, multilingual template processes and customizable process models with the option of tailored individualization for your company.

Task management

tasks to process participants (employers, personnel service agency, language school, other local partners, authorities, international professionals, etc.) including status tracking and reminder functions.